Mary-Ann Jack-Bleach

Mary-Ann Jack-Bleach has collected many reasons to believe in the power of revival over her lifetime. Being an occupational therapist at the Multi-Organ Transplant Unit in its early years ignited this belief.

“I helped people blossom and watched them thrive after feeling so depleted,” said Jack-Bleach. “Witnessing a transplant patient regain life and strength always left me in awe.” Helping patients function in ways they had lost made her a key part of the program’s internationally recognized success by 1987.

While Jack-Bleach worked to build resiliency in others, she says that she was moved greatly by the strength of those she worked with. Witnessing the ability for transplantation to restore lives on a daily basis shifted her perspective on life. As she explains, “Anybody can find themself in a position where they need a transplant to save their life.”

Through the life changing impact of her work, Jack-Bleach developed tenacity to overcome significant health battles of her own. She is a devoted transplant advocate because she has seen life’s fragility.

The theme of revival carries through in Mary-Ann’s woodcarvings as she gives new life to every piece she touches.

Last year, Jack-Bleach donated a carving on live-edge butternut to LHSC’s New Canvas online auction. This year’s art auction will take place April 23 to April 29, 2019. Proceeds will support LHSC’s Multi-Organ Transplant Program.

Join us for this year’s event, featuring Royal Wood, at London Music Hall on April 30, 2019.

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