About Us

About The Multi-Organ Transplant Program

The Multi-Organ Transplant Program at London Health Sciences Centre is one of the leading transplant programs in Canada, performing almost 200 transplants annually. More than 5,500 Canadians have received transplants, including kidney, liver, heart, kidney-pancreas, pancreas and multi-organ transplantation.

Patient-centred care has always been a hallmark of London’s transplant program. A close association between patient care and research – both basic research and clinical studies – has enabled us to move innovations quickly from the laboratory to the bedside.

Yellow and blue Chris Hadfield contemporary art

Painting by Sir Roy Calne (close up)

Grey, red and yellow contemporary John Kinnear painting of women walking in crowd

Photograph by Col. Chris Hadfield

The Impact of Your Gift

We have made numerous clinical and research breakthroughs, all of which have strengthened our program’s standing as an international leader in transplantation.

Funds raised this year will be directed toward the purchase of a FibroScan Liver Monitor as well as transplant research education. The FibroScan is a state-of-the-art organ monitoring device that will be used for pre- and post-transplant care.

Support for New Canvas of Life will be invaluable in expanding our research mission, ultimately improving the lives of transplant patients not only in London, but across Canada and internationally.

The funds raised will be directed toward the purchase of a FibroScan device:

  • Provides non-invasive assessment of liver health as well as function
  • Improves patient care by decreasing the need for invasive liver biopsies
  • Measures liver function improvement to identify patients who may no longer require a transplant
  • Used to assess liver organ quality and transplant suitability, so more patients can receive transplants